federal budget 2017

What Trudeau says his government has achieved in 2017 so far, annotated

From the politics of marijuana, to moving beyond talk on First Nations, big policy challenges remain

Proposing amendments isn’t Senate activism. It’s the Senate’s job.

No, the Senate isn’t obstructing the House of Commons—and casting its actions as unprecedented activism is ahistorical

Parliamentary Budget Officer Jean-Denis Frechette

The problem with involving the PBO in elections

Proposed new rules would compel the Parliamentary Budget Officer to provide non-partisan advice on election platforms. It’s an intriguing idea, riddled with traps

A budget for make benefit glorious economy of Canada

Budget 2017 shows how deeply the Trudeau government believes there are levers and buttons it can push to direct the economy

Bill Morneau’s budget speech for two Canadas

As populists and globalists face off around the world, the Liberals don’t want to pick a side

An ode to the Canada Savings Bond

The Canada Savings Bond will soon be gone. Just how rich was the CSB in its heyday?

The unmasking of Bill Morneau, caped budget crusader

This was not a blockbuster, super-hero budget, but more like the forgettable sequel, like the 1997 George Clooney version of the Dark Knight

The control freak budget

It’s as if Canadians were four-year-olds in need of training wheels on almost every choice, financial and social alike

Seven business tax changes in the federal budget

Tax planning might be a little more difficult for small businesses and the government cracks down on loopholes

Six ways the 2017 federal budget affects investors

Find out if the capital gains inclusion rates have changed and which investments to say goodbye to

Infrastructure spending: It’s about the evidence, stupid!

The budget includes measures that should help governments make informed, evidence-based infrastructure investments

Budget 2017’s missed opportunities on innovation

The government has renewed its dedication to creating opportunities for a changing workforce. Now it needs action—and results