Federal Budget 2018

Bill Morneau

Canada’s private sector is in retreat, and Ottawa doesn’t seem to care

Opinion: While the Trudeau government focuses on micromanaging the economy, business investment and entrepreneurship is retrenching
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Fight the gender gap—with a benefit just for men

Editorial: Equity in the work place can get a boost from better partnerships at home
Bill Morneau

Why we have deficits—in good times as well as bad

Ottawa won’t keep its nose out of provincial spending

Video: Seven ways the federal budget will impact your wallet

From new parental leave options to revamped credits, here’s how the 2018 federal budget will affect your personal finances.
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Key takeaways from Justin Trudeau’s “gender equality” budget

The budget included new measures to try to get more women working (but sorry, no more money for childcare).
Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Reza Moridi

The 8 biggest winners of Budget 2018

From science labs to rental housing to ’feminist’ international aid, here are the individual measures that got more than $1 billion under the budget
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How Budget 2018 will affect small business owners

The latest budget tackles passive income tax rate changes
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Budget 2018: Rosy revenues and ‘Sunny Ways’ spending

Analysis: The Trudeau government is banking on greater spending by indebted households, while pushing back spending on infrastructure. Both pose problems.

Five ways Budget 2018 will affect families

An extra five weeks of parental leave plus a small change to the Canada Child Benefit
Bill Morneau

Six ways Budget 2018 should shrink the gender wage gap

Gender-based analysis informed the latest federal budget, which held plenty of measures aimed at tackling the wage gap