Federal budget 2021

Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland holds a copy of the budget at a news conference in Ottawa on Monday. (Adrian Wyld/CP)

Budget 2021: Can the government convert all that shiny new spending into results?

Helaina Gaspard: A budget is more than spending, surpluses and deficits. It is a government’s vision of the role of the state.

(Bayne Stanley/CP)

Budget 2021: 20 ways it could affect your wallet

Worker benefit extensions, promises of affordable child care, a federal minimum wage hike and more

Freeland attends a news conference in Ottawa on Nov. 30, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

Budget 2021: Here’s how Liberals are paying for all that spending

The long-awaited federal budget outlines a strong recovery and rising revenues. But it all comes at a very steep price: $142 billion in new spending over the next five years, and accumulated deficits of $686 billion.

Among the odds and ends in the 2021 federal budget is more money to explore the wrecks of the Franklin Expedition ships, the HMS Erebus, above, and the HMS Terror (Parks Canada)

Shipwrecks and yacht taxes: 10 things you might have missed in the federal budget

The victims of communism memorial and coding programs for kids count among the obscure or overlooked programs in line for new cash

Wind turbines at sunset in Alberta, Canada. (iStock)

Canada’s cleantech innovators keep heading south. Let’s reverse the trend.

Stewart Elgie: Joe Biden’s impressive tax incentives are luring clean technology companies that incubated in Canada. The federal budget should be a turning point in the fight to keep them here.