federal politics

Willy Blomme, Jagmeet Singh

The outsiders behind Jagmeet Singh and the new NDP

Singh’s inner circle brings uneven federal experience to Ottawa, and new tactics. Can they survive their leader’s early stumbles?
Andrew Scheer. (Chris Roussakis)

Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party’s folksy unifier

The aw-shucks demeanour of the new leader of the opposition and the federal Tories belies his complexity, and maybe his electability, too
Tom Mulcair

Our federal leaders are ghosts of premiers past

Paul Wells on why Tom Mulcair sounds a lot like Jean Charest
TORONTO, ON – AUGUST 22nd, 2012 – New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair.

Mulcair so far: the outtakes

John Geddes on what didn’t make it into this week’s cover story on the controversial politician
Where every day is election day

Every day is election day in Canada

The permanent campaign, an unfortunate mainstay of American politics, is now in full swing here, too
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The myth of the returning hero

Those who think Jim Prentice might come back to politics and romp to power should think again
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Tickled beige by the Liberal ’Pink Book’

Probing the merits of the third ’Action Plan for Canadian women’