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The 2012 unveiling of a Light Armoured Vehicle at a General Dynamics facility in London, Ont. An auditor general's report found no consideration of human rights on the part of the federal agency that brokered the deal to sell LAVs to Saudi Arabia (Mark Spowart/CP)

Lost deportees, lapsed loans, late army rations: highlights from the auditor general reports

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The big cut Jim Flaherty won’t have to make: Budget 2013’s spending mystery explained

Perhaps the biggest unanswered question about the budget Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled last week was how he planned to cut a whopping $4 billion out of the government’s operating expenses in the coming year. As it turns out, though, that might just be the easiest part of Flaherty’s budget-balancing task ahead.


Budget watchdog: Austerity is already here

Overall federal spending is down by three per cent


Federal government commits $477 million to U.S.-led military satellite system

Project has been plagued with quality control issues, cost overruns

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Why the budget will generate only a quarter of the economic activity that the government told us it would