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Donald Sutherland wows Whistler—while dying to take a whiz

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Can you pronounce ‘Synecdoche’?

Just got back from a late dinner with a gang of journalists at La Pizza, which has always been Roger Ebert’s favorite restaurant in Cannes. Roger, sadly, isn’t here this year. He’s been in the hospital again. But his wife Chas is serving as his eyes and ears. At La Pizza, lots of vintage Cannes tales were zipping around the table. Glen Kenny, who’s just been axed from Premiere—the latest in a series of U.S. film critics to see their jobs deemed redundant—regaled us with a Cannes moment years ago, when he found himself overhearing a conversation between Nick Nolte and Terry Gilliam. Nolte was going into lurid detail about how he had to get a testicle-tuck, because his balls were so out of line he kept sitting on them. . Jay Stone of CanWest News Service had his own Nolte sighting just a few days ago. Nolte had slipped into the lobby of his apartment to have a smoke. Usually it’s the the other way around—you go out for a smoke. But Nolte isn’t what you’d call normal.