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An F-35 panel, great—but the hard decisions still loom

John Geddes on fresh starts and tough choices
With fighter jet costs, the sky's the limit

With fighter jet costs, the sky’s the limit

Documents suggest Ottawa sidestepped its own rules to buy aircraft
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Analyst expects F-35 jets to cost double what Ottawa expects

Price could rise to $148 million per jet once they’re built
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F-35s may cost $100 million each

U.S. budget watchdog contradicts Conservative government estimates
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Price tag for fighter jets could reach $30 billion: PBO

New figure nearly 70 per cent greater than Tory estimate

The Commons: Who is to blame for supporting the troops?

The government alternately congratulates, blames, and credits the Liberals for the F-35 program
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Weapons of choice: Ottawa’s 65 new jet fighters

And why Ottawa doesn’t want to talk about them