Trump fires Comey: There is no road map from here

The FBI director was the best hope Trump’s ties to Russia would be investigated. American democracy has been dealt a body blow.


Always The First Actor To Get Fired

Does it seem to you that Sydney Tamlia Poitier (his daughter) has become one of the unluckiest actors in TV? She’s been dumped from the revamped Knight Rider in its quest to re-revamp itself. Her last regular role was on Veronica Mars, where she was added to the cast after the pilot and then removed from the cast almost immediately. Before that, she had a recurring role on Joan of Arcadia in the first season, but did not appear in the second and final season. (Before that, she had her own sitcom on UPN, which was canceled after only 10 episodes, too soon for them to fire her and replace her with Sandy Duncan or something.)