First World War

The once-ragtag Canadian Corps’s capture of Vimy Ridge, led by British Lt.-Gen. Sir Julian Byng, was a signal achievement (Universal History Archive/UIG/Getty)

How Canada earned the world’s respect

The Canadian Army was created from almost nothing. Training, leadership and grit made it indispensable to the effort to win the First World War.
Miniature crosses planted last year in memory of the elderly who died from COVID-19 at a long-term facility in Mississauga, Ont., summoned the image of war cemeteries in Europe. (Nathan Denette/CP)

We are now in the ’Hundred Days’ we hope will end the pandemic

Canadians have gone through something akin to war, and the end is in sight. But history tells us the last months can be the cruelest.
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The Royal Canadian Legion pays tribute with Bells for Peace

A sound will ring out across Canada on the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War

Real postcards from the First World War that survived a century

These notes sent between those at war and home were preserved as part of the Wartime Canada project at the University of Western Ontario

Surreal colourized photos from the First World War ’tell an old story in a new way’

Vimy Foundation’s ’They Fought in Colour’ collects 260 digitally colourized photographs showcasing Canada’s contribution to the First World War

Margaret Atwood on the stark differences ’back home’ before and after the Great War

Although nothing was shelled or destroyed, everything changed on the home front

Celebrated athletes joined Canada’s WW1 effort—including six Olympians

Some stars of the future also got their start amid the fighting

The First World War united these Canadians by service and sacrifice

Their stories couldn’t be more different—from a wealthy socialite to a wandering Malaysian sailor. But they all served Canada when called upon.
Samuel Lewis Honey, VC. (Veterans Affairs Canada)

The heroic life of First World War soldier Samuel Lewis Honey

One Canadian hero, among many, from the conflict

What kept Canadian soldiers committed during the First World War?

Seven in ten were killed, injured or captured. And yet, they fought on.