First World War


On this day 100 years ago, Canadian troops led the First World War’s final charge

The last hundred days of the First World War started on Aug. 8, 1918. One hundred years later, J.L. Granatstein chronicles those arduous final battles.
RE8 observation biplanes in northern France, March 1918.

The lifespan of a Canadian First World War pilot was ten weeks

Only crack shots among the ’knights of the air’ survived battle against better equipped and more experienced German pilots
Salvador Dali Art Exhibition To Be Held In Wenzhou

Why humans are so obsessed with time

Simon Garfield examines how railways and wars, among other factors, have fed our dependence on the ticking clock
Inauguration Day

Why Herbert Hoover was a giant of the 20th-century: A Q&A with biographer Ken Whyte

Hoover was viewed as the most competent man in America for feats such as saving 10 million from starvation during WWI
Oxford Literary Festival, Britain – 25 Mar 2015

Q&A: Caroline Moorehead on a mother’s fight against Italian fascism

Her latest book explores the life of single mother Amelia Rosselli, a playwright and activist at a time when Mussolini decreed women were second-class
Embarked For France

How America’s memory of the First World War slipped away

The Great War marked the true beginning of the American century. But 100 years later, “the war to end all wars” is largely forgotten in the U.S.

What Vimy means today, a century after the iconic battle

This was not a day for dry-eyed analysis. Instead it was a day for feeling and communing with the dead, and commune we did.
“The Taking of Vimy Ridge,” 1917. Painted by Richard Jack

How precision planning made Canada’s Vimy Ridge victory possible

In the weeks leading up to the attack on Vimy, the Canadian Corps commanders and engineers meticulously drilled their minute-by-minute plan
Water Lilies, 1916. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)

How beauty from the brush of Claude Monet was born from war

A captivating new book describes how Claude Monet painted his placid scenes with First World War shells sounding in the distance
Grigori Efimovitch Rasputin

1916 series: Russia on the edge

1916 set the stage for the revolutions in Russia that would cast their shadow over not just the First World War but the entire 20th century