First World War


Canada remembers the battle of Vimy Ridge

In Ottawa, the occasion was marked by the return of soldiers to the War Memorial—the first time since Oct. 23

The lights of the living

In the place where trench warfare began, grim reminders and haunting questions still linger
Volunteers Continue To Plant Ceramic Poppies At Tower Of London

In the tower, the poppies flow: Inside an extraordinary art project

A dramatic art installation at the Tower of London pays tribute to 888,246 fallen soldiers

Remembering the First World War with satire, rather than solemnity

The Bodleian Library’s treasures reveal that mockery was a potent British wartime weapon
François Sully, Untitled [Vietnam], 16 July 1962, gelatin silver print, detail, BS.2005.078418/47-370. The Black Star Collection, Ryerson Image Centre

A picture paints a thousand lies: On truth and war photography

War news photography has never just been about capturing a moment in time
First World War

Maclean’s named the Great War

The term ’the Great War’ first appeared in print in Maclean’s back in October 1914
Crowd in Toronto Waiting to Join the Army, 1915

Could we go to war again?

During the Great War, Canada answered a call to duty with sacrifice that seems unfathomable today
Margaret MacMillan

Margaret MacMillan on the road to the First World War

The bestselling historian charts the lead-up to 1914
Margaret MacMillan

The war that ended peace

Margaret MacMillan upends notion of inevitability of First World War