Reel justice prevails: This B.C. man won a 30-year battle to fish in a public lake

After a long dispute pitting local anglers against wealthy landowners, public interests against private, a recent court decision could set a precedent for public access to Crown-owned waters.

Chinook salmon

The decline of the Chinook salmon threatens a whole way of life

Adam Weymouth tracked the journey of the Chinook salmon by canoe—all 3,000 km of it—and returned with a new respect for the North.

As the Arctic Ocean melts, the fishing talks begin

Fisheries expert Trevor Taylor on why ten nations are discussing fishing rights in the north—and why an agreement is needed soon

May we tell you about the specials this evening? It’s me

It sounds like hipster parody, but the ThisFish program–which tells you how your fish lived and died–is a sign of the times

Fishing for a deal

With fishing boats and family farms, Ottawa treads carefully—and craftily

The pitfalls of updating policy in sectors steeped in tradition

Muskox on the menu

Muskox on the menu as Nunavut encourages return to traditional foods

The government is subsidizing hunters to return to the land


The Commons: Stephen Harper, environmentalist

“I was telling Laureen before I left the house today,” the Prime Minister quipped, “that these are people who when they say they prefer organic food you know they mean it.”

The good news about B.C. prawns

The good news about B.C. prawns

‘Locally caught, no bycatch, totally sustainable.’ No wonder West Coasters are proud.

Spilling over

The lessons not learned from the Gulf Coast oil spill

It’s been a year since the BP disaster, and nobody has learned anything


Slave labour on the high seas

A grim new report details horrific abuses in the world’s illegal fishing industry


Scott Jefrey Pineo 1986-2010

Just out of diapers when he caught his first fish, he lived for ‘the thrill of a tug at the end of your line’


Survival of the smallest

Humans have evolutionary impact on animals; our prey is getting smaller, breeding earlier