Sarikaya, a first-generation Turkish Canadian, says she is disappointed the Turkish flag will no longer be raised at Yellowknife’s city hall (Photograph by Pat Kane)

The flap over Yellowknife’s flag-raising practices

At the request of Turkish Yellowknifers, the city proclaimed Oct. 29 as ’Turkish Republic Day’ and raised the iconic flag outside city hall. Then complaints started rolling in.
Retired Flag Commemoration in Grande Prairie, Alberta on Thursday, February 13, 2020. (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

This Alberta town holds funerals for worn-out flags

Throwing a flag in the trash is frowned upon. Some people in Grande Prairie have taken it upon themselves to organize a proper burial each year for worn-out flags, complete with speeches and a lunch for guests.
Stephen Harper

Waving the flag: How the Maple Leaf looms over the election

What can you expect when a party leader comes to your town? A massive Canada flag, for starters.