Flin Flon

6 strange and remarkable facts about Flin Flon

From NHL stars to Canada’s largest legal grow-op, there’s lots happening in this small Manitoba town


Spreading the good word beyond the House of Commons

Reference to a “carbon tax” turns up in the Lacombe Globe in an op-ed by Conservative MP Blaine Calkins.


The farce reaches Flin Flon

The following appeared in the Flin Flon Reminder yesterday as Conservative MP Rob Clarke’s MP report.

Flin Flon, the town where everybody plays

From the archives in 1958: The lonely Manitoba mining settlement of Flin Flon stunned the sports world by winning a national hockey championship. But that is only part of the story.

Boom times in Flin Flon

From October 1938: Ten years ago Flin Flon was a struggling mining camp in the wilderness; today it is Manitoba’s third city