The Edmonton River boat is listing heavily to starboard at the stern in the North Saskatchewan River at Rafters Landing. (Greg Southam/Postmedia)

A river runs through it: The story of the hardiest boat in Edmonton

For 25 years, a succession of owners have propped up the 399-passenger sternwheeler that plies the North Saskatchewan River. It may never be a moneymaker, but for the current owner, keeping it afloat is victory enough

Climate change is making weather more extreme. How can Canada prepare?

As climate change makes weather more extreme, climatologist David Phillips urges cities to invest in stronger infrastructure to handle ‘the storms of the future, not the storms of the past.’

Canada’s not ready for a future of massive storms

Floodplain maps are out of date, insurance is inadequate and few of Canada’s cities are prepared to deal with the looming crisis

There’s a fix for flooding in cities, but you’re not going to like it

Some cities are imposing fees that force all property owners to help pay for, and even prevent, stormwater runoff from their land

Floodplain living isn’t a luxury. It’s a reality we have to deal with.

An Albertan who worked on flood recovery efforts in 2013 explains the problem with criticizing home owners for their ‘river views’

It’s time we stopped paying for your river view

Flooding is predictable and increasingly common, and the government needs to halt its huge bailouts of oblivious homeowners

What you need to know about Quebec, Ontario floods

Water levels are expected to recede by Wednesday, but severe damage has already been done.

Is it time to sack the humble sandbag?

Our go-to solution to flooding hasn’t changed for centuries. There must be a better way.

A closer look at Lake Ontario’s rising water levels

With officials warning of flooding, here’s at look at the rising water level in Lake Ontario that’s causing concern

Portraits of lives affected by climate change

Flood for thought: The world’s poorest countries are suffering the outsize impact of climate change. Gideon Mendel provides a sea-level view

Opening the floodgates on First Nations

First Nations must contend not only with rising waters, but accusations of financial mismanagement

How MOSE(s) will save Venice

And rid the city of its iconic giant puddles