Fashion criticism for a crimson Kate

Looks like the press honeymoon is over

The weather was terrible, but what a great Diamond Jubilee flotilla

The weather was horrid; driving rain and cold temperatures combined to create perfectly miserable conditions. But no one was put off by the weather–after all, they’re prepared, having endured a relentlessly cold, rainy spring. According to the Telegraph, “Early estimates suggested that despite steady rain throughout the day, even more people turned out to watch the river pageant than were on the streets for last year’s Royal wedding. They were joined by six million more enjoying street parties up and down the country and a predicted global TV audience of two billion watching the biggest event staged on the Thames for 350 years.”

Good news

Good news, bad news: June 30 – July 7, 2011

The Canadian military heads for the far North while Manitobans stare at a massive bill for flood cleanup.


On Israel

From his conversation with this magazine, the Prime Minister explains his support for Israel.


Netanyahu on the Hill

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on Parliament Hill this morning to meet with the Prime Minister, but a news conference, previously scheduled to take place at 11:15am, as well as an evening reception have been cancelled so that Mr. Netanyahu can return to Israel.