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A man in a white button down shirt sits in a warehouse looking at the camera.

I work in a B.C. food bank. We’re serving triple the number of people we used to.

For the first time, many of our clients are people with jobs who can’t keep up with the cost of living. How did we get here?
Shopper checking list in supermarket aisle

Canadian food insecurity by the numbers

A look at some of the staggering statistics behind the national crisis
Andrew Boozary 2020

The idea: FoodRX, the prescribed food delivery program

“Food insecurity can affect everything from cognitive development to anxiety to diabetes,” says UHN’s Dr. Andrew Boozary, on the correlation between access to food and your health.
Milk is always on the menu

How to solve the baby formula and infant food insecurity crisis in Canada

Are infant food banks the solution to access-to-food issues for new parents? Or a signal of a much deeper problem in this country?
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How grocery gift cards could transform holiday giving

One foundation in Calgary has shifted from giving food to providing the ability to shop for it. Early signs suggest it serves families better.
peanutbutter rotator

Ever pricier peanut butter is forcing food banks to get creative

For some low-income families it may mean reinventing breakfast