food crisis

The food-waste debate could use a pinch of common sense

From expiration dates to fruit aesthetics, $27 billion dollars worth of food are wasted annually


What you’ll be eating soon

Flu-fighting milk and meat grown in a test tube. You won’t believe what dinner will look like.


GiornoWatch Extra: Children of the Corncob

Speaking of Kory Teneycke, congratulations are in order for being the first of the new arrivals – not counting the new Chief of Staff himself, of course – to find himself the subject of one of Jane Taber’s signature profiles in The Globe and Mail.


jokers to the left, jokers to the right…

Yes, the food crisis is real. No, I don’t pretend to fully understand its causes, nor do I trust much that I have read about how to resolve it. But long before most other media jumped all over it, the FT was running serious and sober analysis of the problem. The paper has had a great microsite up for months, and has been running a very useful series of analysis pieces. Today’s focused on Africa, and the big takeaway, from my perspective, is the extent to which Africa has been screwed by ideologues of the left and the right.


May 9 shall henceforth be known as National Embarrassment Day

Must-reads: Daphne Bramham on polygamy; Jeffrey Simpson on the refugee system; Susan Riley and Chantal Hébert on l’affaire Bernier-Couillard; Rosie DiManno on the Afghan food shortage; Colby Cosh on uniting the Alberta left.


Bring her home to stop the whining

Must-reads: Doug Saunders on “Americanizing” the Afghanistan mission; Christie Blatchford on rescuing child abuse victims; James Travers on the food crisis; John Ivison on the doctor shortage; Don Martin on Brenda Martin.