food inflation

(Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

The Food Diaries: Winnipeg

“Making calculations on our Excel sheet to see what food we can buy is like a part-time job”

(Photo by Ebti Nabag)

Food Diaries: Toronto

“I’m lactose-intolerant but I can no longer afford lactose-free milk”

(Photo by Stephen Harris)

The Food Diaries: Prince Edward Island

“The cost of food has risen, but my pension hasn’t”

(Photo by Mackenzie Walker)

The Food Diaries: Vancouver

“Technically I’m middle class. I have a good job. And yet we’re just getting by. Everything is going up except our income.”

(Photo by Amber Bracken)

The Food Diaries: Groceries on a budget in Edmonton

“I don’t go grocery shopping with a list. I just go in and look for discounted items.”

Food prices to rise modestly in 2012: study

University of Guelph economists predict grocery store competition will slow price increase