food insecurity

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I work in a B.C. food bank. We’re serving triple the number of people we used to.

For the first time, many of our clients are people with jobs who can’t keep up with the cost of living. How did we get here?
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I’ve worked hard my whole life and I can’t afford food

“You shouldn’t have to choose between paying rent or eating dinner, but that’s the choice we face”

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How food stamp programs at local markets are improving access to fresh foods

Montreal-based Carte Proximité offers debit-like cards redeemable at farmers’ markets to allow food insecure families to buy local produce while supporting nearby growers
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Canadian food insecurity by the numbers

A look at some of the staggering statistics behind the national crisis
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How urban hens can help cities become food secure

Backyard hens provide a cheap, nutritious and regular source of protein for little investment. Cities can do more to help Canadians embrace them.

The Cost: One week of groceries in Toronto’s Kensington Market

This bike courier delivers for two food delivery apps, but earnings of $800-1200 per month means his budget is stretched thin
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The idea: FoodRX, the prescribed food delivery program

“Food insecurity can affect everything from cognitive development to anxiety to diabetes,” says UHN’s Dr. Andrew Boozary, on the correlation between access to food and your health.
Milk is always on the menu

How to solve the baby formula and infant food insecurity crisis in Canada

Are infant food banks the solution to access-to-food issues for new parents? Or a signal of a much deeper problem in this country?
Trudeau in 2020, helping staff at a Gatineau, Que. food bank. (Adrian Wyld/CP)

A glaring omission from Trudeau’s letters to his ministers: hunger

The Liberals used to talk a good game about tackling food insecurity. Now, with food prices soaring, they hardly talk about it at all.
Fecioru prepares a cost-efficient meal. (Photograph by Lucy Lu)

Young, working Canadians face a dilemma: eat, or pay the bills?

Employment disruptions and dwindling pandemic supports have forced many to cut back on the one cost they can: food