food safety


Bovine university

Bruce Cheadle reviews the latest concerns about the food inspection system.

The Commons: Know your cuts of meat

Gerry Ritz refuses to apologize


Questions about beef carcasses

CTV raises questions about the handling of beef carcasses at the XL Foods plant.


CFIA responds

A statement from the CFIA in response to reports about American audits of the XL Foods plant.


Gerry Ritz gets his day in the House

Glen McGregor reports that between 2003 and 2008, American authorities repeatedly found problems at XL Foods. The plant will now apparently be sold to a Brazilian company. Meanwhile, the House will spend the day debating the following motion.


The Commons: Gerry Ritz did not inspect that ground beef

The Scene. Shortly before the farce was laid bare before the House yesterday, Stephen Harper stood and offered an important clarification on the contractual obligations of the Minister of Agriculture.


Updated: Angry birds and silly debate: A Storify

Noted today during Question Period

The Commons: Not enough time to explain, so don’t bother trying

Gerry Ritz has now taken 50 questions on the travails of XL foods. Still, the opposition seems unsatisfied


‘It’s just chaos’

Over the weekend XL Foods laid off 2,000 workers, thus bringing a halt to inspections at the plant.


What’s going on at XL Foods?

XL Foods says everything is now fine at its Brooks plant. The union representing the people who work there begs to differ.

XL Foods, Gerry Ritz and Ruth Ellen Brosseau

The Star, Globe and Calgary Herald list the problems at XL Foods.