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Workers restock shelves at a grocery store in Toronto early in the pandemic. (Frank Gunn/CP)

How blockchain could revolutionize food supply chains—and lower your grocery bill

The technology could hold the key to logistical problems that drive up prices. But will it also entrench the food industry’s biggest players?

(Courtesy of Kyra Flaherty)

The Inuk woman using TikTok to expose high food prices in the North

‘Food insecurity is not just about food insecurity,’ says Kyra Flaherty. ‘It ties into so many other societal problems.’

Kyle Linklater packing a hunted caribou onto a sled near Peawanuck, ON, December 16, 2019. (Courtesy of Daron Donahue/ Human Rights Watch)

Canada’s climate-change inaction violates Indigenous human rights: report

Two Human Rights Watch experts describe how First Nations people are struggling to sustain traditional diets, as fish and wildlife become more difficult and dangerous to reach

How crop monocultures are threatening our food supply

Parasites and pathogens are becoming resistant to pesticides and herbicides, and climate change means an influx of new pests

Four in ten university students lack food security as education costs skyrocket

Nearly half of students surveyed had forgone healthy food to pay for books, tuition fees and rent, according to an exclusive report from Meal Exchange

Tories lash out after UN official calls for national food program in Canada

Olivier De Schutter, the UN special rapporteur for food, has caused a stir by criticizing food security in Canada. Speaking Wednesday, De Schutter called for a national program that will address many Canadians’ lack of access to proper food.