Fort Albany


Gord Downie on playing Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door at the Great Moon Gathering

’This wasn’t my first canoe ride. I know what happens next; if I don’t take charge, half the band goes one way and half goes the other,’ The Hip frontman writes
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Edmund Metatawabin on the Great Moon Gathering

What we see during the preparations to develop the “Ring of Fire” is the destruction of purity, of fresh air, of peace
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Shelagh Rogers on the Great Moon Gathering

It doesn’t get more Canadian than this
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The members of Northern Revolution on the Great Moon Gathering

What’s it like to open for a legendary rock band?
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Robert Gillies on the Great Moon Gathering

’One of the additional thrills was the knowledge my son, who plays the drums, would be performing and opening for the Tragically Hip’
North of the 52nd

North of the 52nd with the Tragically Hip

Novelists Joseph and Amanda Boyden travel with the band to isolated Fort Albany, Ont., for the Great Moon Gathering