Francoise Boivin


You think it’s easy to make Supreme Court appointments?

New revelations and lingering questions about the Nadon appointment

The Marc Nadon riddle

An appointment shrouded in secrecy, now subject to innuendo
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The most Canadian of judicial crises

Marc Nadon at least makes the review process interesting
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The mystery of the February 20 email

The most intriguing document in the Duffy-Wright affair
Vic Toews

Goodbye Vic Toews?

’Mr. Speaker, I will not get into those kinds of cheap shots that the member does’
Court Elections 20121210

Thomas Mulcair vs. The Supreme Court vs. The Liberals

’If the NDP wants to play that game, it will have to play it with the Bloc alone once again’
Niki Ashton

Abortion and democracy

When values collide

The Clarity Act debate

The NDP lines up in opposition to a Bloc bill