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A bookkeeper stole $7.6 million from her employer. How did no one notice?

She had her boss’s unquestioning trust—even as she pilfered millions from the Halifax real estate empire she helped him build 

The Grifter Guardian

Kelowna social worker Robert Riley Saunders faked his credentials, charmed his bosses and stole nearly half a million dollars earmarked for the vulnerable kids in his care
Total title fraud

In the latest real estate scam, homes are being sold behind owners’ backs. Here’s how.

What is total title fraud and how does it work? A Canadian insurance investigator explains.
Cape Breton1

How three sisters (and their mom) tried to swindle the CRA out of millions

The Saker women were the model of rural ingenuity, running a successful restaurant and gourmet food businesses on Cape Breton Island. What they were mostly cooking? The books.

Why is Trump the most impervious U.S. president in history?

Scott Gilmore: America’s president is a liar and fraudster whose scandals, which would have destroyed any politician before him, mean nothing
MacEwan University Profile Campus

How MacEwan University got duped out of $11.8 million by scammers

Staff direct payments to fraudulent account after spear phishing attack
Pierre Duhaime,

Boardroom blunders at SNC-Lavalin

How things went terribly wrong under the watch of one of the most distinguished boards in Canada
Ripping off America

How Montreal scammers are ripping off America

They took over Champlain, N.Y., and turned it into fraud town, U.S.A.
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Someone gave Peter Pocklington some more money

The one-time most hated man in Canadian hockey is in trouble again
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Former Mount Royal student president out on bail

Lawyer offers surprising revelation