free speech


So much for the ’People of Einstein’ myth

A student makes Jews look bad. But that’s a good thing.

Protecting free speech for teachers in a social media world

Florida teacher should keep his job: Pettigrew
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Censorship in Regina?

Prof’s lecture on "The Case for Boycotts..." cancelled
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Cancellation of pro-Palestinian lecture sparks plenty of debate

A University of Regina lecture series has sparked controversy and accusations of censorship
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Should racist rants on YouTube lead to expulsion?

Asian students mocked for ’checking on everybody from the tsunami thing.’
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Be nice or else

A new Hungarian media law will hand out fines for unbalanced news coverage
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How do you stand up for your rights?

Students in Toronto, Calgary are proving that authority still rests with the governed
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Time for UCalgary to leave students be

The Pridgen brothers won their case, but it’s not over yet

Get out your bike locks

Christie Blatchford is returning to UWaterloo on December 7

Carleton student union to enact discriminatory ban

Threat to decertify pro-life group ignores union’s pledge to protect campus diversity