An Israeli soldier rides an armoured personnel carrier (APC) towards a staging area near the border with the Gaza Strip

Stories we’re watching: Gaza ceasefire deadline nears

Talks continue as midnight deadline approaches

Gaza fighting moves to the courts

A break in fighting in Gaza hasn’t brought peace, it has moved the war to a new arena—the courts
Israel – Gaza Conflict

How moderate forces can win out in Gaza

Israel’s own history offers clues as to how extremism can be rooted out
Mideast Israel Palestinians

Israel’s war without end, again

An Israel that preserves itself through sporadic conflict, rather than peace, is gaining traction
Martin Patriquin

A crisis of leadership in Gaza

Hamas came to power as a slayer of corruption, not Zionism—and its support in Gaza may be crumbling
Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar speaks during a news conference in Tehran

From the archives: Mahmoud Al-Zahar’s big, new house in Gaza

Jonathon Gatehouse travelled to Gaza in 2005, where he met with Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar
Israeli Ambassador, Mr. Rafael Barak

The interview: Israeli ambassador Rafael Barak

On the current violence, the murder of teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and how the conflict may one day end
Michael Petrou

Is the dream of Israel-Palestine peace dead?

As the conflict in Gaza ratchets up, it’s clear the status quo can’t hold. But the idea of a peaceful resolution seems as remote as ever
Mideast Israel Palestinians

Your morning five: Gaza hostilities enter third day

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