Success at 22 is depressing?!

Scaachi Koul: it’s more depressing to hear this girl complain


Fred Penner came back, the very next decade

University students connect with their childhood entertainer

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Twenty-somethings value fame and money over community

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Kids These Days III

Don and Vinod have replied to my reply to their reply to my column about today’s yoot.  Their latest is in The Mark, published here.


Kids These Days, Same as the Old Days?

A while ago, there was a snappy little exchange between Lawrence Martin and Alison Loat in the op-ed pages of the Globe, over the political engagement of kids these days. Martin called them lazy and ignorant, Loat said well, we all need to take responsibility for our lousy political culture. David Eaves chimed in saying that kids are certainly engaged, just not in the way old fogeys like L Martin want them to be.


Generation gap? There really is no such thing.

Yes, kids like ‘sexting’ and are bored by how the nation runs. That isn’t complacency or a decline in values, it’s being young.


Not jobless, they’re ‘funemployed’

A wave of grads has no hope of finding work. But that’s cool.


Generation Y me?

Young adults are staying in school longer, and accepting impermanent, no-benefits jobs