Gen Z

You’re Wrong About Gen Z

Young Canadians like me are fighting for saner, happier, healthier working lives. What we achieve could transform work for everyone.

(Photograph by Jimmy Fontaine)

Faouzia could be Gen Z’s next big pop star

The Moroccan-Canadian singer built a huge fan base and netted a Juno nomination—without even releasing an album

A man holds a Quebec flag as people gather in a city park on St-Jean Baptiste Day in Montreal on June 24, 2020. (Graham Hughes/CP)

Millennial and Gen Z francophones don’t value Quebec nationalism

In stark contrast to baby boomers who not only identify as Quebecers first but also believe the provincial government best represents their interests

Jenniffer Meng (Courtesy of Jenniffer Meng)

What lockdown looks like for a Gen Z

Jenniffer Meng: Being on the cusp of legal and literal freedom, we are missing out on a lot of the things that define the transition into young adulthood

millennial or generation z woman taking selfie

Millennials are begrudgingly making way for Generation Z

Their time in the spotlight is over. Please welcome the cutthroat Gen Z.

Cover story preview: Get ready for Gen Z

They’re smarter than Boomers, and more ambitious than Millennials. A sneak peek at our latest cover story.