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The worst age for women to have kids in terms of career

When women have kids during these years, they are most affected by the wage gap
Rally To Support Equal Pay For Equal Work

Canadian professors still face a gender pay gap

Opinion: The gender pay gap of today is not simply a holdover from the past, and it’s high time universities valued male and female professors equally

How you’re raised may affect whether you ask for a raise

Opinion: Salary negotiation is a game of language, which studies say is socialized early, along gender lines—putting women at a disadvantage
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20 jobs that have the biggest gender wage gaps in Canada

The occupation with the highest wage gap may surprise you

Celebrity wage gaps where women are paid shockingly less than men

Women reportedly make as little as $0.30 to the dollar compared to their male counterparts

The Australian bake sale that inspired our pay equity issue

Madeline Price had no idea her university bake sale would enrage online trolls and cause her to lose control of the story. But Price’s tale has a happy ending.
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Why do men make more money than women?

The pay equity gap has been researched and debated for decades, with little real progress to show for it. But the reckoning may finally be here.

Why Maclean’s is asking men to pay 26% more for our latest issue

Pay equity is having its moment as the next beat in the cadence of the #MeToo movement. We hope this issue will stir urgent conversation already happening around the world.
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Glad you asked: Why your justification for the pay gap is bunk

For too long, employers have gotten away with asinine justifications for paying women less
Clayre Sessoms at her home in Vancouver, BC. (Photograph by Jackie Dives)

For transgender women, the pay equity gap is even wider

Male-to-female transgender workers can see their earnings drop by nearly a third but activists are working to change that