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Chasing the Chief connection

Proving his worth as Diefenbaker’s son

Finally, George Dryden has real evidence that he’s related to former PM

MACLEAN’S EXCLUSIVE: New evidence in ’Diefenbaby’ case

DNA test shows George Dryden belongs to the PM’s family

DNA leaves Diefenbaker Jr. riddle unsolved

Test results a disappointment for Toronto man
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Who’s your daddy? Mommy doesn’t have to say.

A court ruling says parents can keep a child’s lineage secret—even if he claims he’s Diefenbaker’s son
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Dief’s my daddy

Man claiming to be Diefenbaker’s son says he was unjustly cut out of inheritance

Diefenbaker, Jr.?

A man claiming to be the Chief’s son will get access to the former PM’s DNA after all