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Michael Ignatieff’s looming battle with Hungary

The former Liberal leader says the university he runs in Hungary—backed by George Soros—is being ’targeted’ by the government
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Buying a better world: Book review

Despite spending billions on promoting democracy and Western-style liberalism around the world, Soros seems to have relatively little to show for his efforts, writes reviewer Chris Sorensen
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Newsmakers: August 11-18, 2011

Frances Bean Cobain comes of age, Ai Weiwei opens up, and Vladimir Putin’s latest macho stunt backfires
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The rabbis versus fox

A coalition of rabbis chastises the network for "unacceptable" references to Nazis and the Holocaust
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Europe’s great shift to the right

Will the apathy and rage seen this week now spill over into national elections?
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Newsmakers of the week

Elizabeth Taylor tweets, Clay Aiken slams Adam Lambert, and a Shatnerquake