The Argentine black and white tegu can grow as long as 130 cm and eats just about anything (Photograph by Nicole Craine)

The stubborn, scaly, fork-tongued menace plaguing America. (No, the other one.)

Allen Abel takes a trip to Georgia to look for the Argentine tegu. They’re big, fast and have a penchant for eating just about anything.

Still from cellphone video shows Ahmaud Arbery jogging moments before he was shot to death. (Shaun King/Facebook)Still from cellphone video shows Ahmaud Arbery jogging moments before he was murdered. (Shaun King/Facebook)

Ahmaud Arbery’s alleged killers ran free for months. Then someone leaked a video.

Image of the Week: Two men were arrested this week for Arbery’s killing. It’s a lone bright spot in one family’s pursuit of justice after a senseless death in Georgia.

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Tabatha Southey finds a small antidote to a growing chorus of mean and petty policy designed to make women’s lives more difficult

Orange is the new white (wine)

Ontario vintners are experimenting with an ancient Georgian technique and a 500-litre qvevri

The town where gun ownership is the law

Welcome to Kennesaw, the Georgia hamlet that welcomes you—and your Colt .45 —with open arms


Georgia’s post-Soviet politics

The long-time ruling party loses to an upstart coalition led by a shadowy billionaire

Georgia just had its first peaceful power transition—ever

In unprecedented move, President Saakashvili gracefully conceded his party’s defeat

Where have the workers gone?

Where have Georgia’s immigrant workers gone?

Echoing Arizona, Georgia passed a tough immigrant law. Now it finds itself desperately short of farmhands.


An Anti-Russia Campaign

From textbooks to statues, Tbilisi is hitting back at Moscow


Who’s to Blame?

How efforts to be inclusive led to tragedy for one luger


‘All Canadians were deeply saddened’

A statement from the Prime Minister on the passing of Nodar Kumaritashvili.