Ghomeshi trial

Ghomeshi: End of the trial—and start of a redemption tour?

We heard directly from Jian Ghomeshi for the first time since that first infamous Facebook post, and if he’s to be believed, it’s a transformed Ghomeshi who’s speaking

What Jian Ghomeshi did

How a trial that was supposed to flip the script on sexual violence only made things worse

Ghomeshi Day 7: A girlfriend brings the outside world to court

The Crown’s lone outside witness as a reminder of what an insular, hermetic process the Ghomeshi trial has been

The Ghomeshi trial’s one taboo: Marie Henein’s shoes

The visual branding of the defence team is key to the trial. What Marie Henein’s footwear tells us about gender, power and the optics of taking control

Michel Drapeau: Ghomeshi, rape in the military and what must change

Michel Drapeau says Lucy DeCoutere would have fared worse under a military tribunal

Day 6: The long finale

Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault trial is slowly winding down—audibly, visibly, almost psychically

Ghomeshi Day 4: The ‘real conversation’ behind a shocking reveal

In which Jian Ghomeshi’s defence travels back to the future and drops snippets from lovesick emails

The Scarlet String Bikini and the New Shame

The old practice of attacking a complainant’s virtue in a sexual-assault trial gives way to the new strategy of casting her as flirtatious female hungry for celebrity

Ghomeshi day 2: An email bombshell, and sidestepping consent

Tuesday’s dramatic reveal at the Jian Ghomeshi trial electrified the courtroom and left big questions in its wake