Gilles Vaillancourt

The gangster politics of Laval

The gangster politics of Laval

Martin Patriquin explains why It’s no surprise Quebec’s third-largest city is now a ward of the province
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Thomas Mulcair and the envelope

What was the NDP leader offered in 1994?
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Van Loan on Mulcair: why so quiet on corruption, Tom?

The Government House Leader’s statement on bribery allegations in La Presse
Gilles Vaillancourt

Gilles Vaillancourt: breaking down the ’gangsterism’ charges

Martin Patriquin on the unprecedented allegations against Laval’s former mayor
The foundation of corruption

Quebec’s foundation of corruption

The inside story of the man at the centre of the storm

In the end, Donnie Brasco didn’t show

Charbonneau commission, fall session: All eyes on Laval’s Gilles Vaillancourt and Montreal’s Gérald Tremblay
The king of laval

Is Gilles Vaillancourt Canada’s most powerful mayor?

Corruption allegations fly, but voters love him
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What does it take to make Parliament sad?

Envelopes stuffed with cash, more nastiness and name-calling—and silence from the House?