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Is Romney’s candidacy stronger than McCain’s?

Romney will likely equal, or exceed McCain’s showing. He may even win. Why?


‘Hometown girls’ from Oklahoma pen cheesy country song in support of Rick Santorum

From the wacky political landscape of the United States comes a country-singing family from Tulsa, Oklahoma who have released a YouTube video of their soft country ode to Rick Santorum called “Game On”. With voices warbling in typical country fashion, sisters Camille and Haley Harris sing about how “Santorum is our man” who will “bring justice for the unborn” and “factories back to our shore.” On their website, the sisters proudly claim they’ve “never bought a magazine” and have “never been to public school.” They also include information about their favourite colours and hobbies (“updating my Facebook status”).

The santorum surge

The Santorum surge

Support is soaring for the father of seven who offers the rhetorical red meat Romney can’t


Romney takes Florida, sets sights on Obama

Gingrich declines to congratulate Romney on victory


Romney expected to take Florida

But Gingrich promises long fight for Republican nomination

Eye of Newt...

How Newt Gingrich pulled this one off

Somehow—miraculously—the philandering former congressman is at the front of the Republican pack