Pinpoint’s sharp telling of the story of GPS

How a military project changed the way we navigate the world
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Do Canadian cops need warrants for GPS tracking?

In the U.S. police can even buy a monthly subscription to customers’ tracking data
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Stalking women? There’s an app for that.

Girls Around Me lets users track neighborhood girls and read their Facebook profiles

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, Apple tracks me

So what if your iPhone tells Apple where you’ve been?
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Olympic secrets revealed

Maclean’s exclusive: An inside look at our high-tech, mind-bending plans to dominate the podium at the 2010 Games
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U Calgary gets funding from BlackBerry’s RIM for GPS

Team will try to enhance satellite signal reception in hard-to-reach places, like buildings
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His mistress is driving me crazy

What kind of man brings the Other Woman along on a summer road trip with his wife?