PROPORTION WHO GRADUATE_Courtesy of Bonnie Findley_ University of Ottawa(1)

Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Proportion who Graduate

Maclean’s tracks undergraduate students to determine if they received a degree within seven years

Rising student debt burdens are a myth

The burden of carrying an average loan with an average salary has fallen by more than a third
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Future graduates, dropouts and cast-offs

FESCHUK: A few words of advice from a man who spent six years in school, for a four-year degree

Jobless? No, I’m ’funemployed’

A wave of grads sees no hope of finding work. But that’s cool.
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Saskatchewan tries to poach Ontario’s best grads

Offers graduates up to $20,000 if they relocate and stay for at least seven years
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Most Quebec medical grads are leaving the province

Despite province’s doctor crisis, Ontario gets 22 percent of Quebec’s new MD grads