Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith on losing Afghanistan

An excerpt from Smith’s book, The Dogs Are Eating Them Now

‘There’s a lot of spit and vitriol and anger’

Maclean’s Podcast: Paul Wells in conversation with Graeme Smith


Taliban could have been our “best partner” to fight terrorism: Globe reporter

Globe and Mail reporter Graeme Smith had this to say during a panel discussion convened by This Magazine to discuss a decade of international intervention in Afghanistan:


‘Nothing changes’

Graeme Smith talks to the director of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

Reading the documents

We’ve posted the trove of Afghan detainee documents online

peter mackay

The Commons: In other news

Peter MacKay owes Helena Guergis a note of thanks


The Globe and Blatchford

In 20 years in journalism I have never seen anything resembling the systematic and sustained repudiation to which Christie Blatchford, the Globe and Mail‘s marquee columnist, is being subjected by her own newspaper. There is room in any good paper for disagreements among colleagues, and frankly there should, for a long time now, have been room for more of that at the Globe. But this goes further. This is breathtakingly methodical. And I believe it was needed.


The Colvin encyclopedia

A collection of documents, testimony and news reports related to Richard Colvin and Canada’s handling of Afghan detainees. The Colvin encyclopedia is updated as events warrant.


Afghanistan: The surge arrives

That would be the surge of talking heads staring into webcams and telling The Mark News what they think should happen next in Afghanistan. Prominent among the faces is the one belonging to Colleague Petrou. Graeme Smith, the long-serving and authoritative Kandahar man for the Globe, is on hand too, with what sounds eerily like my own recent position, except better-informed..