Green Party

Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson Speaks At Purdue University

How third-party candidates could decide U.S. election

Allen Abel on the candidates hoping to find a sweet spot with an unhappy electorate. They won’t win, but could steal enough votes to be dangerous.
Elizabeth May

Will Elizabeth May walk?

After a divisive convention, the Green Party leader may be headed in the direction of another political party
Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May’s split with the Greens

The leader and her party don’t see eye-to-eye on the BDS movement. Maybe it’s time for them to go their separate ways.
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Here’s what happened at the Green convention

From electoral reform to the conflict in Israel—points of interest from the Green Party’s biennial convention
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Pollster offers Green Party five election takeaways

Some blue-sky thinking for the Greens from EKOS CEO Frank Graves
Elizabeth May

For the record: What Elizabeth May said on Saturday in Ottawa

Elizabeth May on climate, voting, TPP: ’We need to step up as Canadians’
Elizabeth May

It’s time for Elizabeth May to go

Scott Gilmore explains why the Green party needs a new leader
Elizabeth May

Party of one: Elizabeth May wins, but Greens lose to strategic voting

Despite Elizabeth May’s eternal optimism, the Greens landed on the wrong side of the strategic voting equation. Now what?
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The Greens see red in B.C.

A Green candidate steps down, and why? To put his support behind the Liberal. He’s not alone.

Elizabeth May: The Chatelaine Interview

The Green leader on funding women’s groups, combatting toxic chemicals and moving child care into the workplace.