Greg Daniels

Greg Daniels on the end of The Office

The producer of the Office reflects on silly comedy, poignant moments and realistic stuff


King of the Hill Revisited: “King of the Ant Hill” and “Plastic White Female”

These are the last two episodes of the first season (there was one other episode produced in the first 13 episode order, “The Company Man,” but it was held over for the second season when its ending was completely re-worked). I’ll hopefully get to the second season soon, but I may do another show in between, or I might find a slightly different format for these posts — possibly one episode at a time instead of two.


King of the Hill Revisited: “Peggy the Boggle Champ” and “Keeping Up With Our Joneses”

The retrospective continues now with the ninth and tenth episodes of the first season, starting with the second “road trip” episode (maybe more than you’d expect for the early episodes of a comedy, but why not — an animated show can, theoretically, go anywhere).


King of the Hill Revisited: “Westie Side Story” and “Shins of the Father”

The retrospective look at the first season of King of the Hill continues with two episodes that introduce some very important supporting characters — two of them angry guys voiced by Toby Huss.

King of the Hill Revisited: “Pilot” and “Square Peg”

I’ve been meaning to do a series of episodic retrospective reviews (the way The AV Club and some other TV sites do), where I look at a show that’s no longer on the air and revisit the episodes from the beginning, two at a time. I’m going to try it with King of the Hill, at least the first 12-episode season; if it works I’ll move farther along in the series.


When is a Spinoff Not a Spinoff?

Nikki Finke takes time out from writing 973 posts about The Dark Knight‘s box-office (we get it, it’s going to make lots of money) to write about how The Office spinoff will not be a spinoff at all, and it’s largely due to Greg Daniels’ determination to create something similar but unconnected: