griffin poetry prize

Photograph of Jordan Abel (Tom Sandler)

Nisga’a poet Jordan Abel on indigeneity, appropriation, and art

’There is not just one single way to exist as an Indigenous person. There are multiple ways,’ says the Griffin Poetry Prize winner

The Xenotext: Creating the poetry bug

After 11 years and $120,000 in research, Christian Bök has put words to DNA
Honestly I thought I would croak

Amiel on avant-garde opera: ’I thought I would croak before that damn thing finished’

As a drug trip, Einstein on the Beach would stun. As far as opera goes, our reviewer says, it’s a hoax

It’s Griffin Poetry Prize time of year again

Serious cash, glamour, mystery--and great poetry--make this prize one of the world’s richest
griffin trio3_IMG_6020

Dionne Brand wins the Griffin Poetry Prize

Trinidad-born Brand and Tacoma-born Gjertrud Schnackenberg each take home $75,000