Groundhog Day

Sorry, folks. Manitoba’s famed groundhog, Brandon Bob, doesn’t exist.

The critter emerged one winter from someone’s imagination. We think we know whose.

‘They hear me and they love me’: Trump’s Groundhog Day remarks

Inspired by Donald Trump’s less-than-cogent Black History Month statement, Scott Feschuk imagines the president’s Groundhog Day address

TIFF 2012: time travel movies

With ‘Looper’ opening the festival tonight, here’s a look at 5 noteworthy films that do the genre justice


Fair’s fair

The Prime Minister has announced a short-notice news conference for 6:30 p.m. Ottawa time. At a guess, it’s probably about the glad news of Bob Fowler’s release. At any rate, we complain (well, I do) when he finds reasons to talk to non-Canadian reporters, so I should note he’s coming to talk to us too. At the National Press Theatre, no less. Probably it’ll be televised on the cable nets.