Group of Seven

(Images courtesy of the Ottawa Art Gallery)

Inside the Canadian art gallery spotlighting archival Maclean’s covers

Canadian illustration, family ties and national identity are all at the heart of the Ottawa Art Gallery’s new exhibit
Frederick Varley (Courtesy of Jon Sasaki/McMichael Canadian Art Collection)

Take a look at these mesmerizing landscapes from the Group of Seven—made of bacteria

A suite of photos by artist Jon Sasaki reveals the microscopic lives on the palettes of some of Canada’s most iconic painters
'Night Ferry, Vancouver,' 1937 (F.H. Varley/McMichael Canadian Art Collection)

Rediscovering the Group of Seven

This year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven’s first exhibition. John Geddes revisits the group’s work in a bid to see their art as art, rather than ’the over-familiar illustrations of a nation-building saga.’

The little-known WWII works of one of Canada’s most famous artists

They hang in schools across the country, and often unnoticed: The ’For King and Country’ scrolls by the Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson

Framed by fortune

One painting, nearly three minutes, 11.2 million dollars: Inside the sale of Canada’s most expensive artwork

Unknown Lawren Harris painting emerges in Australia

Painting worth an estimated $400,000-$600,000 discovered on the eve of a major Harris show

From a home jammed with art, a trove of buried treasures

A locked room in a Toronto basement yields never-before-seen work from the Group of Seven

The art era before the Group of Seven

An Expo 67 vibe—seven decades early

Kim Dorland: ‘Tom Thomson on acid’

An unprecedented show puts Dorland’s work alongside the Group of Seven paintings that inspire him
Algonquin Park

Two autumn days in Algonquin Park

Behind the scenes of the Tom Thomson documentary