Guantanamo Bay

Military Commission Hearing Begins For Canadian Detainee

Yes, sleep deprivation is torture

International and Canadian law leaves no doubt: what Omar Khadr experienced in Guantanamo was torture
Omar Khadr walks to meet the press before a news conference after being released on bail in Edmonton, Alberta

Omar Khadr remains a prisoner of partisan politics

Omar Khadr has reportedly reached a settlement with the Canadian government—but he remains caught in the crossfire of years of political point-scoring

Ottawa takes its own revamped advice on Omar Khadr

Although the Liberals have chosen not to appeal the bail order for the ex-Guantánamo inmate, a larger court battle looms
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What in the world is going on in 2014?

From war and politics to sports and culture, the global calendar is already crowded
Barack Obama

Five things to know about Obama and Guantanamo

Luiza Ch. Savage on the U.S. president’s plans for the prison
Truck traffic

Good news, bad news

France legalizes same-sex marriage, while Washington considers a border-crossing fee for Canadians
The complicated case of Omar Khadr

The complicated case of Omar Khadr

Bringing Khadr home was the right thing, but let’s not rush the process of integration
Omar Khadr goes into the unknown

Omar Khadr: into the unknown

Khadr lived in Guantánamo Bay far longer than Canada. What will happen now that he’s ‘home’?