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Anti-Semitism and anti-refugee attitudes share the same poisonous roots

Opinion: Anti-Semitism propelled Robert Bowers, who was arrested for allegedly killing 11 in a Pittsburgh synagogue. But there was something more familiar, too
Two children were rushed to

When it comes to safer cities, the time for excuses is over. Let’s work together, instead.

Opinion: Toronto’s former deputy police chief on the ways that violent crime has been meaningfully tackled before—and what those techniques have in common
After Queen St. shooting, Toronto rap community mourns death of Smoke Dawg but police mum on victim identity

Forget outdated tactics: To address gun violence, let’s empower our youth

Opinion: Youth involvement was a key to reducing violence after Toronto’s ’summer of the gun’—so think beyond government programs and more police enforcement
Alta Rural Shooting 20180309

Alberta farm shooting is a new touchstone for rural gun owners

Unlike the trial of Gerald Stanley, the case of Edouard Maurice has no apparent racial dimension. For angry property owners, it’s becoming a yardstick case.
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Why Donald Trump’s dramatic swing on gun control won’t last

Opinion: The President’s history and the nature of his base make it impossible to be hopeful about his feints toward gun control
Memorials at Stoneman Douglas High School as Students Return After Shooting

Mental health has almost nothing to do with the gun-control debate

Opinion: As America debates guns, people with mental illness—who already face more danger during health crises—risk becoming scapegoated
Trump Holds Listening Session With Students And Teachers On Mass Shootings

Donald Trump’s vacuous fix for school shootings in the face of grief and anger

Allen Abel on what the Parkland students told Trump: "I woke up to the news that my best friend was gone, and I can go into a store and buy a weapon of war?"

The domestic murders in Renfrew County are not an anomaly

Basil Borutski was found guilty of murdering three of his former partners, but the case stands as a condemnation of an entire system’s failure to protect women
A man watches on at a crime scene following a shooting in Scarborough, a suburb in east Toronto

Gun violence isn’t just a U.S. problem—and Canada isn’t immune

Opinion: Canada shouldn’t ignore its own gun-violence problems, from rising rates in our cities to inadequate government support