Maybe it should be ‘bad news corp.’

Maybe it should be renamed ‘Bad News Corp.’

New revelations continue to tarnish the Murdoch empire
Hackers’ revenge

Hackers’ revenge

Winnipeg is just the latest in a series of communities in which vandals have rigged the portable, pixelated signs
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‘Hackerazzi’ probe nets man who allegedly stole Scarlett Johansson nudes

Other Hollywood victims likely targeted in phone hacking scheme

Pirate politics aren’t just for hackers

A strong showing in Berlin suggests Pirates parties may be an emerging political force
Moving targets

Anonymous morphs into a political movement

The hacker group’s hit list has grown to include Arab dictatorships and opponents of WikiLeaks

When does hacking = journalism?

A Dutch journalist faces criminal charges for exposing the security flaws of local transit passes
Photo by Ciccio Pizzettaro c/o Flickr Creative Commons

Scary hacker thing happens for some reason!

So much breathless and uncritical coverage of...what happened again?
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McAfee uncovers largest-ever hacking operation

Cyber attacks on governments, UN, IOC going on since 2006

Hacking your house key

Anyone with the right software and a 3D printer can do it
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Hackers tweet fake Obama death

Foxnews.com’s Twitter feed hacked to report Obama was shot and killed