Réponse MSF à l’Urgence Choléra 2022

“It wasn’t long before we were flooded with cholera patients”

Shootings, fuel shortages and a growing cholera epidemic: On the ground in Haiti, Canadian MSF medical coordinator Rachelle Seguin describes the turmoil in Port-au-Prince
Catherine Porter is embraced by Roselene Derival Fabre(manager of the MOJUBPV) after Porter donated

How a Canadian journalist grew close to a Haiti’s earthquake miracle child

Catherine Porter explores the ethics of a journalist getting involved with a little girl’s future—helping to send her and other Haitian kids to school
President Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s white supremacy blinds him to the debt America owes Haiti

Domise: It is no longer possible for anyone to defend Trump without defending both racism and the mechanisms by which it perpetuates itself
A Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer announces to a group of asylum seekers that identified themselves as from Haiti, that they will be crossing illegally into Canada as they wait in line to to enter at the US-Canada border in Champlain, New Yor

Haitian asylum seekers are about to test Canada’s refugee system in a big way

A new wave of asylum seekers will arrive from the U.S., and the welcome mat may no longer be out

Why Canada should let Haitian asylum seekers stay

It’s not just compassion that should drive government policy towards Haitian migrants. Western countries, Canada included, owe the country a massive debt, says Andray Domise.

What Canada and America owe Haiti

Andray Domise on the two nations’ brutal, ruinous record in Haiti, and why it must inform how asylum seekers are being treated today
Refugees Border 20170308

How Canada could prepare for potential new wave of asylum seekers

Opinion: Months after Justin Trudeau’s message that immigration must be welcoming but lawful, there is little evidence of change on the ground
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a town hall with high school students in Ottawa

Justin Trudeau is between a rock and a heart place on immigration

Opinion: As Canada experiences an ’unsustainable’ surge through its borders, Trudeau faces an unpalatable decision over his open-door brand

Will the Haitian asylum-seekers in Montreal get to stay?

The hopes of those crossing the border are high, but recent history shows they’re far from assured of a successful outcome
Trapped Dog Rescue

Why Fido is our BFF: Book review

Rescue dogs can bring out the humanity in all of us, which is why they’re used for therapeutic purposes with prison inmates