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Megapundit Extra: Night Scrawler bags yet another police malparkage!

“Now, I know what you are thinking,” writes Joe Warmington. “Not again”…


Megapundit Extra: Night Scrawler gets results

In a Saturday cover story, the Toronto Sun‘s indefatigable Joe Warmington told the tale of Gerard Taylor, from Sault Ste. Marie, who had shocking photographic evidence of a Peel Regional Police cruiser parked in a handicapped spot at a Wendy’s/Tim Horton’s location in Mississauga. Taylor understandably wanted that spot for himself, having lost both legs nearly 30 years ago attempting to jump a freight train to Sudbury to see a rock concert—a back story that’s all the more worthy of a Stompin’ Tom number when you realize how perfectly “Sault Ste. Marie” rhymes with “double-amputee.” But we digress.