Seale and Jackson enjoy chicken wings at the Workshop Eatery in Edmonton, Alta. (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

This awful year may have reset our ability to appreciate happiness

Experts think that after months of depriving ourselves of everyday pleasures we once took for granted, our newfound appreciation for the little things might actually last beyond 2020

Canada’s happiest people are teenaged boys and elderly women

From the editors: Women over 70 are healthy, happy and enriched by life experience. Boys are ’self-deluded’ into their own bliss. But it’s those in between who struggle the most.
Deflated smiley face balloon. (Photograph by Daniel Ehrenworth)

The secret to happiness? Stop trying to be happy.

We’re safer, richer, healthier—and more miserable—than ever before. What new research reveals about happiness. And how to find it.

The simple secrets to happiness

Turns out a better life rests on habits

Where’s the crime in ‘wasting time’ at university?

Don’t let naysayers derail your dreams. Study what you want.

Why Quebecers are feeling so happy

(A touch of pandemonium helps)
Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

Maryland abolishes the death penalty and the UN celebrates the first ’international day of happiness’
File picture of a Ferrari 458 Spider loaded onto a truck after being bought by a young Chinese at its showroom in Shenzhen

Why are the Chinese so sad?

They are four times richer than they were 20 years ago, yet they find their lives lack meaning and direction